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Discover ICE

Ice 54

LO 16.10 | BEAM 4.65

Scadenza Offerta 12/2020

Risparmi fino a € 94.300

Slot Consegna Prevista 07/2021

Super Flash Offer

Dufour 530

LO 16.35 | BEAM 4.99
DRAUGHT 2.30 | SAIL AREA 125 m2

Scadenza Offerta 10/2020

Risparmi fino a € 92.922

Slot Consegna Prevista

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Super FLASH Offer – scade a fine OTTOBRE

Ottobre 3, 2020

💘Group Y – ProSail Super FLASH Offer- speciali promozioni sulla intera gamma DUFOUR valevoli per tutto OTTOBRE 💎

Salone Nautico di Genova

Settembre 10, 2020

Dopo l’annullamento del salone di Cannes ci rivedremo a Genova per scoprire le grandi novità di Dufour. Compila il form e prenota ora il tuo appuntamento con noi. Per tutti quelli che rinviano il modulo compilato entro il 20 Settembre riceveranno da noi il pass gratuito per l’ingresso al salone.

Dufour Boatshow 2020-21

Settembre 9, 2020

La Spezia 24-27 September – Porto Mirabello Following the cancellation of the Cannes Boat Show, we are waiting for you at the Dufour private show from 24 to 27 September 2020 in La Spezia. Following the cancellation of the Cannes Boat Show, we are waiting for you at the Dufour private show from 24 to […]

You sail, We care
Join us and discover how to become a Yacht owner
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Yacht Experts

Our team is made up of professional sailors who developed 360 ° nautical skills and experiences that enabled us to be highly professional in the the sale and technical management of boats. Expertise is priceless when it comes to choosing your boat. Let yourself be steered. A unique experience is waiting for you!

After Sale – Gold Service

A dedicated operator will always be available to support you in difficult time with our 24/7 Technical Assistance Gold; with us you will never be alone!

Own Shipyard

Located in the center of the Mediterranean, our Olbia Shipyard will be able to manage every required processing in real time to offer you an unparalleled service.

Pre owned - brokerage

Trust our worldwide network to sell your pre-owned Yacht safely.

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Showroom Porto Rotondo
Prosail - Group Y.
Punta Nuraghe, Portorotondo
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3451251363

Showroom Portisco
Prosail - Group Y.
Marina di Portisco, Molo 4/7
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3451251363

Prosail - Group Y.
Cantieri di Olbia. Via Indonesia, 6.
07026 Olbia, Italy
Phone: +39 3512843023

Headquarters Office
Prosail - Group Y
Via Georgia, 41 - Geocity - Torre 3 Uff.26
07026 Olbia, Italy
Vat. N°: IT 03542270925
Phone: tel+39 0789 33 90 16

Showroom Porto Torres
Prosail - Group Y
Pontile Motomarsarda
Porto Turistico
07046 Porto Torres, Italy
Phone: +39 3293740365