GROUP Y – The course is drawn thanks to a clear vision of the future

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

GROUP Y – The course is drawn thanks to a clear vision of the future

Owned by the Della Torre / Ricci family, a worldwide reference point in the nautical tourism sector, the group is a reality that ranges in different sectors and today includes:

– the Nautical Tourism business with its 5 Nautical Bases located between Sardinia and Campania

– the concessionary activity of sailing and motor boats with the 2 showrooms in Sardinia

– shipbuilding / refittings activities with the structure of the Olbia Shipyard

The group also includes an innovative SME which, thanks to the continuous research process, is developing various innovative solutions for future application in the nautical industry sector.

Group Y’s mission remains the development of sustainable nautical tourism and with it the dissemination of the Culture of the Sea.

Today more than ever it is necessary to question ourselves about our future.

Group Y has done so and with significant investments is betting on a new form of nautical tourism. For us, the tourism of the future will have to meet the basic needs of the individual. It must be able to promote a new awareness in the green new deal, it must be a less contemplative and more experiential tourism, lived in close contact with nature and away from overcrowding in a slow path of self-discovery.

This, in short, is the definition of sea-glamping, the tourism of the future conceived and proposed by Group Y.

Travelers are looking for journeys that can free the mind from habits, and rediscover a primordial life where time is marked by nature without external conditioning. In the nautical field, sea-glamping represents a response to the request for self-discovering. Committed to sailing on a very modern boat, you can rediscover the right route to follow step by step.

Slow tourism is a particular form of travel which, as a basic rule, must let us take our personal time. It began to be mentioned in times when we would never have thought of the advent of COVID. But as they say, “nothing happens by chance” and perhaps this desire to explore the environment we live in could really bring new users closer to sea-glamping. Tourism will change and with it the modalities, interests and expectations. This will allow us to give ourselves a different journey, based on the search for a purpose and which has as its primary objective the exploration of the territory, human relationships and even a little of ourselves. All based on a real knowledge of the environment and learned in an intelligent and sustainable way, living the travel experience in an extremely profound way and enjoying, step by step, the slowness of movement. We will create intimate connections with the environment around us and we will treasure this day after day. Today, slow tourism can be experienced in a sea-glamping experience on a very modern sailing boat, immersed in nature and cradled by the sea, between golden sunsets and breath-taking views. This is the product offered by Group Y.

To achieve this goal, Group Y is multiplying its efforts through important strategic partnerships with the main world players to face a new and exciting challenge: to transform the product of the simple “boat” available on the market today in its multiple connotations into a 4.0 product, evolved and strongly interconnected with the land-based accommodation structure, that is with what we have called a widespread nautical hotel.

Today, thanks to various extremely innovative forms of investment, Group Y allows the advanced Nautical Tourist to invest in the real economy, the environment, applied research and at the same time carve out a proactive role in the now essential transformation of the green new deal.

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