DUFOUR 61: Best boat contest flagship winner by SAIL Magazine

ProSail Team: Annalisa

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

DUFOUR 61: Best boat contest flagship winner by SAIL Magazine

In its January/February issue, the American magazine SAIL has just announced the winners in each category for the best boat of the year 2022.

The Dufour shipyard is proud to announce that the Dufour 61, the brand’s new flagship, is the Winner in the category of Best Monohull 50 feet and over.

This prize rewards the work accomplished over several years by all the teams at the shipyard and demonstrates the increasingly important place of the Dufour brand in the world of luxury yachts, with this high-performance, elegant and spacious model.

It is also a recognition of Dufour’s expertise and the quality of our yachts. 

The jury was composed of 5 journalists, Tom Hale, Zuzana Prochazka, Lydia Mullan, Charles J.Doane, Tom Dove and Adam Cort, editor in chief, and elected the Dufour 61 as one of the 5 boats in its category. A very nice consecration at international level! 

Credits: www.dufour-yachts.com

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