Modern classic racer cruiser

ICE 52 is a very modern yacht, which stands out for performance, comfort on board, and is excellent both for challenging cruises and both for racing.
The design looks like the latest racer ICE 33, which was launched on June 2014 from the same yard, produced in five examples and is the most competitive racing boat of it’s category; the bow’s shape looks like a “scimitar” and the stern has a fascinating carving form.

In the Ice 52 you can find same performances, comfort and space of the 60 feet boats of some years ago.
Regarding aereodynamics profile, the water lines and the appendages allows great perfomances… like the ICE 52′s attitude to go up the wind doing closer edge and is able to glide very fastly thanks to its max beam 4,65 m therefore with stern’s powerful sections.


Some numbers:
– 12 Tons of displacement, 25% less than the average of the category
– nearly 140 square meter of canvas to sail close to the wind
– nearly 400 square meter to sail downwind
– great safety thanks to the high stability and strong relationship between weight and ballast.

Hull and deck of the boat are laminated with an infusion techinque in sandwich with composite materials, using glass-carbon fiber with epoxy resin and PVC foam core with different density and thickness. It was chosen because it allows to sustain several strains.
The localized reinforcements are made with undirectional and biaxial carbon fibers.
The structures either longitudinal or traverse (bulkheads and floors), are entirely vacuum laminated in exposy sandwich using glass-carbon fibers and PVC foam cores at various densities.

The chainpaltes of shrouds, forestay and backstay are composite and steel made.

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Architect Felci Yacht Design
Hull Construction infusion techinque in sandwich
Deck Construction full carbon
LOA 15.80
Beam (mt) 4.65
Draught 2.45
Displacement 12500
Genoa 67
Main Sail 90
Water Capacity 500
Fuel Capacity 360

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Layout 1
Layout 2
Sail Plan
Deck Plan


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The Yard

The Yard

ICE Yachts

ICE Yachts is a whole new entrepreneurial reality in the world of the boat building industry. A young brand based on a long experience and know-how. Born by the meet up of professionals with different background, all with passion on cutting edge materials, ICE Yachts goal is the application of advanced technologies on custom products in marine, architecture, automotive and high segment industrial design.

Based in Salvirola, in former CN Yacht 2000 facilities, Ice Yachts inherit skilled labors and know-how, with the new contribution of experts in composite materials, carpentry and equipment installation.

The Yard

Concept & Design

Ice Yachts has a clear idea of the concept of each yacht we built. Supported by some of the top Yacht architects and designers, we develop the preliminary project of the vessel. We like to combine top performances of the hulls , with practical and nice looking decks , with stylish and seaworthy interiors. Strength and lightness are the key guide lines, matched with style and functionality below deck. Great care and experience, come into play , when we select accessories and system for the various technical needs of the boat.

Ice Yachts takes care of every aspect of the aesthetic and functional approach of the project , in the interior, in the material choice, in the sail plan and in deck layout creating an impressive mix between design, functionality and high performances because a real ICE Yacht must be very nice but also extremely efficient and fast.

The Yard


In Ice Yachts we think that a winning hull has to enclose two essential concepts: the development of design waterlines, allowing for exceptional performances, and “leading” construction technologies, for a stiff and light shell. Only a shipyard with a strong technical know how, that is founded on numerous yachts built, and on people of great experience, has the chance to be leading the way and can build outstanding boats among their similar.

A 360 degrees view of our product is fundamental to conceive and realize it using the best of our past experience and renewing and improving the concept, boat after boat. Ice Yachts, in tandem with Felci Yacht Design, has proved over the years to envisage and bring to reality winning boats.

The Yard


100% made in France, all Dufour Yachts models are thinked, designed and produced in La Rochelle, in the company headquarters. With near 400 sailboats built by year, Dufour Yachts controls the whole supply chain, from the project development to expedition, passing from the mounting and wood work.

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